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Reasons to entrust your game to G5:

  • As a Nasdaq-listed Swedish public company, we are a reliable partner.
  • The downloads of G5 games surpassed 190 million. As a publisher, we can make your game a part of our large portfolio and bring your game in front of millions of players.
  • We publish free-to-play and, as we call them, “unlockable” games. Our portfolio has almost one hundred games
  • Free-to-play games generate over 80% of G5’s revenue nowadays, and we believe that this is the most promising business model.
  • We provide a broad range of financing arrangements to help you complete your game.
  • We have paid tens of millions of dollars of royalty payments to our development partners.
  • As a publisher, we help developers reach large audiences and achieve substantial financial success. Competition in application stores is ever increasing and it is becoming even more difficult for independent studios to achieve a break through. We are here to help you.

How can we add value to your game?

  • G5 team has deep understanding of game development, game balance, monetization, and free-to-play mechanics. We will share our advice, best practices, and know-how.
  • We will assign our dedicated experienced producer to your team to help you achieve the maximum potential of your game.
  • We provide thorough quality assurance on all stages of the development. Our games have consistent 4-5ratings on the application stores because of their high quality, and it matters.
  • Broader reach means larger revenue. We will localize your game into at least 12 languages, and will publish it on all major platforms worldwide.
  • We will invest in the marketing of your game and bring your game in front of new audiences.


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