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World of Adventures™

Fix-it-up: World Tour

Go global in this fantastic strategy adventure!

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Fix-it-up: World Tour
Fix-it-up: World Tour
Fix-it-up: World Tour
Fix-it-up: World Tour
Fix-it-up: World Tour

Go global in this fantastic strategy adventure! In this sequel to “Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure”, you must help Kate expand her car-repair empire around the world! Build car-repair shops anywhere from snowy Canada to steaming African jungles. Buy cars, fix them and paint them to make your business prosperous. Earn your fortune in your quest to build the mansion of your dreams. You must make sure that you create what the clients want so you can set the prices high! Increase the quality of your offers by upgrading buildings and tuning the cars so they don't pollute the environment. Hire the best specialists so you can get cars up and running in no time! But this game isn't just mechanics! Find out how the fascinating love story of Kate ends. Who will she choose – Steve or Martin?

  • 39 Levels and 15 bonus levels
  • 18 unique locations around the world
  • Over 20 car types in environmentally friendly buildings
  • Hire employees and train them
  • Upgrades, achievements and more!

Requirements: compatible with Mac OS

Languages supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Swedish
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