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World of Adventures™

Redrum: Dead Diary

Save lives by outwitting a homicidal maniac!

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Redrum: Dead Diary HD
Redrum: Dead Diary HD
Redrum: Dead Diary HD
Redrum: Dead Diary HD
Redrum: Dead Diary HD

Rose sees dead people who have been killed unjustly, with their mortal wishes left unfulfilled. Her super-practical father refuses to believe her ghostly visions and puts her in an asylum, where she falls into the clutches of the evil Dr. Sigmund Fraud. Help Rose use her psychic powers to solve gruesome murders and outwit a homicidal maniac in this spine-chilling mystery.

  • 42 horrific, heart-pounding games to play
  • Solve grisly murders across seven chapters
  • Nine death-defying achievements to earn
  • Impressive graphics and haunting music
  • Game Center Support
  • New iPad Retina Display Support

Requirements: compatible with iPad1, iPad2, New iPad/ iPad3 5.0+ firmware

Languages supported: English
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