Mayor Match: Big City Builder

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Ever imagined what your ideal city looks like?

It's time to make your most ambitious dreams come true with a new game that cleverly combines city-building and match-3 gameplay! And whether your fantasy city is a place with cozy houses and leafy parks or a huge metropolis with sleek skyscrapers and shopping malls – it's up to you. Everything is in your hands!

Become the Mayor and lead the great build-out. Put some effort into providing quality living conditions for your citizens, and they will return the favor. Make your dream city a paradise for all residents! 

Play through dynamic match-3 levels, get energy and start to construct a city on an empty parcel of land. Expand your offerings step by step and transform your first development of several houses into a full-fledged city with dwellings, urban farms, industrial buildings, shopping malls, parks and more.

Ensure the smooth delivery of manufactured goods to stores and shopping malls. Transport your busy citizens to work, school, restaurants, cinemas and more. Plus, build a cutting-edge airport to support your residents’ mobility and show off your city to visitors.

Reconstruct famous landmarks to bring in tourists and give them the opportunity to admire the renowned Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Coliseum, Sydney Opera and more – all in one place.

Make your city greener and healthier by recycling garbage, planting trees and upgrading buildings to make them more eco-friendly.


  • Hundreds of uplifting quests 
  • Thousands of match-3 levels 
  • About 300 buildings, landmarks and decorations

***Did you know? The transporting of goods and even the money-making continues in your city while you play match-3 levels!***


الإنجليزية، الفرنسية، الإيطالية، الألمانية، الإسبانية، البرتغالية، البرازيلية البرتغالية، الروسية، الكورية، اليابانية


Compatible with:
iOS: iPhone 5S and higher, iPad mini 1 and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPod Touch 5th and higher 9.0+ firmware
Mac: macOS 10.11 or later.
Android: 4.1 and up, Kindle Fire

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