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Welcome to our ultimate collection of both great and free hidden object games on PC! Adventure and mystery await in new worlds and puzzles. Join secret societies, search for buried treasure, or solve crimes with detectives⎯all in our assortment of the best free hidden object games for PC!

Are you ready for the best hidden object fun?

Each of our hidden object games contains a list of items you must find as you play through the story. Some items are easier to find than others, so be sure to look everywhere!

Meet exciting characters and spend time in amazing locations

Step into mysterious new worlds or say hello to popular classic storybook characters. Each of our great hidden object games are filled with the best brain-teasing adventures and mysteries. Find and solve your favorite puzzles⎯or play them all for free!

Free game updates, including new boosters and bonuses!

Look forward to regular puzzle updates with great new scenes, items, worlds, and characters. Enjoy incredible boosters and the best bonuses! Limited-time events full of fun rewards are regularly added just for you. Be sure to search for clues and join in the adventure often!

Play with friends and family and share your progress

Make the most of your gaming experience and play your way. Find clues on your own or join the G5 community and enjoy time spent online with friends and family!

Download and play today!

Your next puzzle-filled journey is just a free download away! Enjoy breathtaking stories and mystery. Unlock secrets. Search for clues with detectives. Download today and let your adventure-filled journey begin!

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