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Looking for the best place to play Mahjong for Android? Well, search no more! G5 is the one and only place where you’ll find the best variety of Mahjong games for Android users – and they’re all free for you to play and enjoy for as long as you like!

All the Reasons Why You’ll Love Mahjong

Whether you are a Mahjong newbie or a consummate veteran, this unique tile game is so much fun that you’ll soon find yourself spending hours upon hours playing, whether alone or with friends, and you’ll always keep wanting more! What is it about Mahjong that keeps players so engaged and entertained?

For starters, it’s a classic! Mahjong originated in the 19th century and has been a staple of Chinese games ever since. Nowadays there are many versions aside from the traditional gameplay but you can be sure that any time you play Mahjong you’ll be having the best time and you’ll always come back for more.

Another reason Mahjong is so popular is its gameplay. While more complicated than other card or tile games, all the rules in Mahjong also make for an exhilarating experience once you’ve cracked the code and had a little taste of victory. This is why some people can spend all day playing and never get tired – the dopamine from winning is enough to recharge your energy and keep you smiling.

The Greatest Variety of Mahjong Games

If it’s your first time looking for Mahjong games for Android, you might think that there is only one type of game and every app offers the same. But you’d be wrong! There are many ways you can play Mahjong on the internet and G5 has them all. If you don’t believe us, check out the wide variety of free Mahjong games you can play with us:

- Sheriff of Mahjong – Intrigued by the adventures of cowboys in the old Wild West? Then you can become the mayor of a small settlement and play thousands of mahjong solitaire levels in order to rebuild the town and bring prosperity to its residents.

- Emperor of Mahjong – Immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Roman Empire while you pair mahjong tiles and build your city in accordance with the Emperor’s wishes.

- Pyramid of Mahjong – Set in Ancient Egypt, this game will have you playing a unique blend of mahjong and city building all while looking for magical artifacts that will take the storyline to unexpected adventures.

- Mahjong Journey – A play on the traditional Mahjong Shanghai, this game will take you on a trek around the world as you help a young girl and her cat find her parents using powerful magic.

- Mary’s Mahjong – This mahjong puzzle game is a fun combination of tile matching and town makeover gameplay, with a wild storyline that stars an enterprising woman named Mary.

Even though Mahjong has Chinese origins, it has become a beloved game for players all around the world and you can see it by searching for Mahjong on Google Play, where you’ll find an endless number of apps all offering Mahjong games. But only G5 has the best and widest variety of games, as you can see from the list above. So what are you waiting for? If you can only have one Mahjong app for Android, let it be a G5 app!

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