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Mahjong games for Mac let you enjoy the classic Chinese tile-based game right in the comfort of your own home. With loads of layouts and tile sets, you can choose your favorite way to play even if you're offline. No additional registration required. The game features clear instructions, hints and auto-shuffles. No waiting and no ads. Classic mahjong for Mac is an easy and relaxing game to just pick up and whenever you have a few minutes. Get ready to load up your tile-matching skills and have a good time!

Classic? Original? Fun!

There are so many layouts to choose from and plenty of unique tiles and bonuses. The game supports classic Chinese mahjong rules and scoring, plus you can enjoy a variety of sceneries and themes with these awesome games:

  - Mahjong Journey

  - Emperor of Mahjong

  - Pyramid of Mahjong

Flexible gameplay with extended features

The game includes two modes of play: online and offline. The solitaire game offers a range of challenging levels and game modes. Plus, the innovative built-in social network. Play Classic Mahjong for Mac today and enjoy the timeless game in beautiful HD resolution.

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