• Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3

    Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3
    Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3 Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3
    Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3
  • Jewels of Rome®・Building Empire

    Jewels of Rome®・Building Empire
    Jewels of Rome®・Building Empire
    Jewels of Rome®・Building Empire
  • Jewels of the Wild West®: Gems puzzles & Diamond quests

    Jewels of the Wild West®: Gems puzzles & Diamond quests
    Jewels of the Wild West®: Gems puzzles & Diamond quests
    Jewels of the Wild West®: Gems puzzles & Diamond quests
  • Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder

    Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder
    Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder
    Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder
  • Jewels of Egypt®: Match 3 Games

    Jewels of Egypt®: Match 3 Games
    Jewels of Egypt®: Match 3 Games Jewels of Egypt®: Match 3 Games
    Jewels of Egypt®: Match 3 Games
  • The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects

    The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects
    The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects
    The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects
  • Match Town Makeover®・My Match 3

    Match Town Makeover®・My Match 3
    Match Town Makeover®・My Match 3
    Match Town Makeover®・My Match 3
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What is Match-3?

Match-3 is a popular subgenre of casual puzzle video games where you score points by matching same-color tiles (also commonly known as gems or jewels) in specific combos so they disappear from the game screen, and new tiles of different colors appear to supplement the ones you just matched. Usually, to make tiles disappear, you need to match at least three tiles of the same color in a row, hence the name "match-3".

These jewel matching apps are so widespread and popular that even non-gamers are almost certain to have seen some person on public transport or at the doctor's office play a mobile version of a Match-3 game on their phone. Later on, we'll discuss in more detail why this casual puzzle won over so many hearts and minds of PC players. 

Overall, Match-3 is what you make of it and what you want it to be. The exciting ride match-3 games offer can last from a few minutes (like while you're waiting to collect your order at a restaurant) to a few hours of nail-biting competition for titles and rewards (like when the whole online community joins the party for a special time-limited event).

Long story short, it totally deserves to be one of the most recognized and popular casual game genres of today. Match-3 games are simple, beautiful, challenging, rewarding, fun, quick, have an entertaining storyline, and are free. It doesn't get better than that!


Why are Match-3 games so popular to play on PC?

Gaming can take many different forms: some enjoy a quick-paced combat simulation, others like a neck-and-neck race, while still others prefer slow-burn adventures with rich storylines and lots of dialog. However, we don't always have time for full immersion. Life has its own time limits, and sometimes, we only get a quick break from the daily grind that we can spend playing. Match-3 is perfect for these situations: the whole gameplay is divided into levels, each taking only a few minutes to complete. That means you get as much fun as you want without any time commitments.

The advantage of playing Match-3 on your PC is evident. You don't get sidetracked by a million little notifications, which often appear when you play on your phone. If, during your day, you decide to spend a few minutes playing match-three to get your mind off the current work issues, it's much easier to keep track of time if you're doing it on a PC. Plus, the screens on PCs are bigger and mostly have higher resolutions, thus giving you a better graphics experience compared to a handheld device.

Another important thing to note is the G5 account you can use in our match-three games: It allows you to maintain the same game progress across all platforms you're playing on. So, if you have Jewels of Rome installed both on your PC and your phone, your progress is always up to date on all devices. There's no need to start from scratch. Experience the full-screen gameplay without any hassle!


Mechanics of Match-3 Games

There are different mechanics featured in different f2p apps, but most of G5's match-three titles will offer the following ones.


As the match-3 name suggests, each turn, players need to match at least 3 tiles of the same type/color. But what happens if you match more than three? Now, this is where combos come into play. Matching four in a row, vertically or horizontally, will give you a power-up that can clear one column or row of the game field, respectively. Matching 5 tiles at a right angle will give you a bomb power-up that destroys obstacles and tiles around itself. And matching 5 tiles in a straight line will give you a power-up that removes all gems of the same color from the screen! Making combos is an essential part of match-three gameplay, and smart use of the power-ups you get from combos is something any player worth their salt should master. 



Now, we mentioned obstacles in the previous paragraph. What are they? Obstacles are tiles that can't be removed from the screen by basic rules (matching three same-color tiles in a row). Getting rid of obstacles is often one of the goals a player needs to reach, so learning how to handle them is important. Some obstacles will require players to match tiles next to them (sometimes several turns in a row), while others can only be removed by the use of power-ups or tools. As you progress, obstacles will become more tricky, but that's the beauty of the gentle difficulty curve that always has a challenge in store for you. 



Unlike the temporary power-ups you get by making jewel combos that are available only for the duration of the current level, tools are items stored in your inventory and will not disappear until you use them. You can get tools from the in-game store or as rewards for completing levels, leveling up, and turning in collections. Tools allow you to remove single tiles, rows, or columns of tiles, or shuffle the tiles on the screen. Using them each step of the way isn't required, but if you're facing a brain teaser puzzle that just won't click, tools may be of great help.



One of the base mechanics in most G5 match-3 titles is collections. After completing a level, you get rewards like experience points and currency that you can use later to purchase useful items. You also have a chance of finding collection items. There are multiple thematic collections in our games, and each collection is usually composed of 4-5 items. Single-collection items aren't of much use, but once you assemble a full collection, you'll get an awesome reward that may include experience, currency, tools, talismans, and all sorts of premium goodies. So keep an eye out for those collection items. It's better to start amassing them early on so you can claim all the possible prizes out there.


Main rules of the game

While there are many titles of the genre out there, the main rules of match-three games remain the same for all of them. Players complete levels by meeting level objectives in a certain number of turns. Not meeting all the objectives in the given number of turns results in defeat. These can differ, but most of the time, they will include removing some types of tiles from the game screen. For instance, at earlier levels, it may be enough to just remove a specific number of same-color tiles, while at higher levels, you'll be asked to get rid of complex obstacles and tricky tiles that require smart use of power-ups and tools. 

Simply put, match-three rules are as follows: meet level objectives in the given number of turns to advance further or try again.


Top Match-3 games for PC

Jewels of Rome

One of the ancient-styled games and a real blockbuster from G5 is Jewels of Rome. You take on the role of a Prefect, a government official sent to a remote location to rebuild a settlement after your predecessor ran it to the ground with bad management and selfish ambitions. You'll gain resources and get to meet the townsfolk as you reconstruct the main industries, but the farther you advance, the more mysterious the story of these lands seems to sound. Help the people in need, restore justice, and make sure that power doesn't fall into the wrong hands where it could lead to disaster. 


Download the free full version of Jewels of Rome for Windows or for Mac from the G5 Store. 

Also, you can play online in your browser.


The world's most famous detective is working on a new case alongside his trusted companion, Dr. Watson, and the iconic duo needs your help. It seems some evil force has altered the plots of famous books, and now these changes are starting to affect the real world as well! This may lead to catastrophic consequences, so there's no time to waste. Jump into everyone's favorite tales like Alice in Wonderland and Snow White to set things right, restore the original storylines, and save both the book world and the real world! 


Visit the G5 Store to download and install the game for Windows / Mac or play online in your browser.


Jewels of the Wild West

Another match-three title in a historical setting, though this one isn't about ancient times. Instead, it takes place during the times of settling the frontier in North America. You play as a new sheriff in town who's trying to rebuild the run-down settlement after a series of bandit attacks. Tackle puzzles, complete brain teaser levels, and lead the people of Colinstown to safety and prosperity.


To start your cowboy adventure in the Wild West, visit the G5 Store:


Crime Mysteries

Join the top two LA detectives, Cache and Blunt, and crack all sorts of mysterious cases. Investigate scenes, analyze evidence, talk to suspects, arrest criminals, and bring the hammer of justice down on the perpetrators! It's a high-octane mix of match-3 and hidden object gameplay, where only you decide how to handle each new puzzle and plot twist. Enjoy gorgeous landmark locations, memorable characters, and the best cases worthy of the greatest detective literature out there. Do you have what it takes to be the thin blue line that separates order from anarchy?

Get your badge and start investigating by downloading the game from the G5 Store for Windows PC or Mac.


Jewels of Egypt

Enjoy an epic mix of city-building and match-3 in this amazing adventure. Bring back a settlement in the Nile Delta to its former glory, follow an intriguing storyline, and try to solve the mystery of your sister's disappearance. As you establish your reputation and rebuild the town, you'll meet people from all walks of life: Farmers, soldiers, merchants, scribes, and even the ruling elite of Ancient Egypt.


Make sure to get sunblock before you download and install Jewels of Egypt from the G5 Store:


Match Town Makeover

West Haven Bay used to be a true seaside gem, a dream resort with the best of everything. But times have changed, and now it's nearly ruined: The place looks shabby, run-down, and depressing. As a designer and renovator, it's up to you to breathe some life into this place, jazz up the vibe, and get the tourists to flood the streets. This is a tall order, but you've got the skills and the expertise, as well as a few trusty advisers who'll help you along the way. Dive into the narrative, enjoy the stunning sunny graphics, and help West Haven Bay become the tourist stronghold it deserves to be! 


Start your sunny journey on Windows or in your browser.


The Hidden Treasures

Arrrgh ya ready for a pirate adventure?! If so, welcome to The Hidden Treasures, an amazing corsair adventure set against the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean. Set out on a sea journey in search of treasure, meet larger-than-life characters, explore stunning locations, and find the answers to family mysteries hidden deep beneath the waves. You're in for an unforgettable and thrilling ride filled with exciting developments, unexpected plot twists, and page-turner dialogs.


Hoist the sails and download the game from the G5 Store or play online in a browser.


How to play Match-Three Games

To play G5 match-3 titles on your PC for free, simply open the G5 Store launcher and install the ones you want. It's really that simple! Click the game icon of your choice, and the launcher will do the rest: It'll download, install, and set up the game for your PC. All you have to do is launch it and enjoy the amazing puzzle adventure!

Alternatively, if you don't want to go through the process of download and installation, you can play G5 games straight in your browser window. This method will require a stable internet connection at all times, but it's a great option in case you're away from your home/work PC, on which the game is installed. Just remember to use your G5 Friends account to log in so that your progress is always synced, regardless of what device you're currently playing on.

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