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Match-filled gameplay awaits you in our online collection of free match 3 games for Android! Our mobile games uniquely combine matching fun and puzzle adventure. Add our exciting storylines⎯created just for you⎯and you will find yourself enjoying countless levels filled with relaxing and exciting gameplay in our best jewel games!

Dive into stories that take place in historical locations. Become a detective and solve crimes in order to restore law and order. Rebuild a family mansion on a tropical island. Survive life on a deserted island. Pillage, plunder, and search for treasure with pirates. Whatever your style, we are sure to have something you will love! Download our new match 3 games for Android today and begin your new favorite pastime!

Classic match games

Add a little sparkle to your day! Each free match game is filled with beautiful jewels and gems. Enjoy hours of fun as you pop, swap, and match!

Exciting characters and storylines

Meet exciting characters while you explore unknown worlds full of secrets. Take a stroll through timeless locations and take on challenges with familiar characters. Choose your favorite free match game⎯or download and play them all! Each game is full of unique and exciting main storylines, as well as side quests and challenges that will have you coming back for classic match mania!

Free game updates, including boosters and bonuses!

You can look forward to regular updates with new levels and characters for each of our match 3 games for Android! Incredible boosters and fantastic bonuses, as well as limited-time events, are regularly added and are full of the best rewards just for you! Be sure to keep your app up to date!

Swap jewels anywhere

Play from the comfort of your home or on the go. Whether you are online or offline, you can solve puzzles, advance through levels, and uncover secrets from anywhere!

Why match 3 games?

Our matching games allow you to become part of the adventure. Like a story come to life, you will experience first-hand the thrill of investigation as you unravel secrets, solve crimes, and build cities. Each story’s progression depends entirely on you!

What is a match 3 game?

Each of our free match 3 games challenge you to combine three items of the same kind in various rows, columns, and groups. Match 3 challenges are a great way to relax and clear your mind, and they are full of exciting twists and turns. You might even discover that the process of carefully searching for matching items in each game can help sharpen your mind!

Join friends and share your progress

Make the most of your gaming experience by playing your way. Choose to enjoy match-filled fun on your own, or join the G5 community and challenge other players around the world!

Download today!

Are you ready for exciting gem-filled fun? Swap, pop, and match your way through levels full of puzzles and secrets. Try our free match 3 games on Google Play today and start your next big adventure!

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