G5 Store Sales


PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING ANY SERVICES IN THE G5 STORE. Your use of the G5 Store, any Games, and/or any Services is subject to and constitutes acceptance of both the G5 Terms of Service, the G5 Privacy Policy, as well as the terms set forth below.

Software Licenses and Use Rights.

All Games, software and other digital content made available through the G5 Store is licensed, not sold, to you. Applications downloaded directly from the Store are subject to the G5 Terms of Service. You understand and acknowledge that your rights with respect to these digital goods are limited by those Terms of Service, all terms and conditions referenced above, as well as all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. Any reproduction or redistribution of Games or other digital content not in accordance with the relevant license terms and applicable law is expressly prohibited.

The G5 Store is for End Users Only. No Reselling.

By using the G5 Store and downloading Games and/or other content, you agree that you are an end user. You must be an end user to purchase Games and services from the G5 Store. Resellers are not eligible to use the G5 Store or to purchase Games and/or any other content.

Geographic Availability.

The availability of G5 Games and services may vary depending on your geographic location as well as your device. There may also be legal limitations and restrictions on where G5 is permitted to ship Games, services and/or other digital content. To complete your purchase, you may be required to have a valid billing and shipping address within a country or region where the G5 is permitted to sell such goods and services and/or is otherwise active selling such goods and services.

Refund Policy.

All sales of G5 Games are considered final and not subject to a refund. G5 understands, however, that sometimes you may be dissatisfied with your purchase of a G5 Game and/or other digital content and that such dissatisfaction may be due to causes beyond your control. If you believe that your circumstances are extenuating and that you should be entitled to a refund, G5 is happy to hear your concerns, and if the circumstances warrant, as G5 may determine reasonably and in good faith in G5’s sole discretion, G5 may agree to process a refund. Let us know the reason for the refund request so we can best improve your experience and treat you in the fairest and best way possible.

We truly want you to have an enjoyable experience and will be happy to process a refund if justified. G5 shall issue such refunds as part of a transparent, consistent and reliable buying experience. If it appears refunds are being abused, however, G5 reserves the right to refuse any refund, rescind this refund policy, and refuse all refunds except where legally required.

Only Games and other content that have been purchased directly from G5, via the G5 Store, can be returned to G5. G5 Games and/or other products purchased through other retailers must be returned in accordance with the respective returns and refunds policy of the applicable third party retailer.

Please request your refund by contacting G5 at refunds@g5e.com. As part of the request, please provide your name, the name of the Game and/or product purchased, date of purchase, and the nature of your problem/reason for requesting the refund. For certain goods and/or services, refund requests may be refused if substantial time has passed and/or the Game or other product has been substantially used.

If your refund request is approved by G5, you will no longer be able to use the content. The refund may take several business days. Please check with your bank and/or credit card provider to make certain that the refund has been properly credited to your account.

Delivery of Games, Software and Content.

Games and other digital content purchased from the G5 Store, as well as other downloadable content, shall be delivered to you by making a download link available to you and/or by providing your with a download code. G5 does not promise to store such link or code, or any information related to such link or code, for any particular length of time. While G5 shall make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that you are able to enjoy your purchase as intended, and to reinstate links and/or download codes upon receipt of sufficient proof regarding the necessity thereof, you agree that G5 shall not be liable for lost links and/or downloads.

Export Restrictions.

Games, other digital content, and other services offered on the G5 Store may be subject to customs and export control laws and regulations in different countries and jurisdictions. By using the G5 Store, You agree to comply with all applicable international and national laws and regulations.


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