Pirates & Pearls®: Match, build & design Pirates & Pearls®: Match, build & design

Pirates & Pearls®: Match, build & design

Match gems and plunder yer way through hundreds of puzzle levels!

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“You are, without a doubt, the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of!” - “But you HAVE heard of me!”

Do you like pirate stories, matching puzzles and restoring old mansions? We have the perfect game for you!

Welcome to a lost island where a once-formidable and now forgotten fort has been found in ruins by an infamous pirate, Mr. Knox, and his annoying parrot, Gunther. Claiming it as their own, they are now tasked with turning its fortified castle into a glorious pirate retreat while the rest of their crew is pillaging, plundering and searching for treasure around the world (they just can’t help it!).

Roofs, towers, stairs – the to-do list is long! Earn precious pearls while blasting through thousands of match-3 levels. Use them to pick out chandeliers and cannons as well as decide what style of gallows you prefer on your pirate paradise island. Unlock the hidden parts of the island, expand the fort, restore the parks and gardens and turn this pirate destination into the envy of the Caribbean!

  • PLAY a unique combination of match-3 puzzles and mansion makeover quests
  • LIVE out your pirate dreams in an intriguing and gripping storyline
  • EXPLORE hundreds of exciting and colorful design options for your pirate fort
  • MASTER thousands of pirate-themed match-3 levels
  • WIELD incredible boosters and power-up combos
  • BEFRIEND dozens of charismatic pirates
  • FOLLOW your friends’ progress with the innovative built-in social network
  • UNLOCK new areas of the island to renovate and design
  • REMEMBER that the pirate code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules!


Marcie Phillips (*****)
Love this game....it's fun and you can actually win a lot of the match 3 games. If you want to be entertained and do something to relax, this game is for you!!

Kathy Gibbs (*****)
I'm loving this game, I was looking for a challenge and found one here !!!

Fred Werner (*****)
Very entertaining game with fun quests and challenging play. Heartily recommend if you enjoy the matching game!

CLAY (*****)
I like that the game is colorful, well-animated, full of quests, and the music is cheerful as well.

Unknown (*****)
Love the music to this challenging & fun game. Keeps me occupied for hours :)

You can play this game whether you’re offline or online.


Англійська, Французька, Італійська, Німецька, Іспанська, Португальська, Бразильська португальська, Російська, Корейська, Спрощена китайська, Традиційна китайська, Японська


Compatible with:
iOS: iPhone 4S and higher, iPad mini 1 and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPod Touch 5th and higher 9.0+ firmware
Android: 4.2 and up, Kindle Fire

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Pirates & Pearls®: Match, build & design © 2017 - 2022 G5 Holdings Limited. All Rights Reserved. Published by G5 Entertainment AB. Pirates & Pearls®, G5 Games and G5 Entertainment are registered trademarks of G5 Entertainment AB. 

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