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World of Adventures™

Yumsters! 2

Get fruitilicious in this sweet innovative Match 3 puzzler.

Yumsters! 2
Yumsters! 2
Yumsters! 2
Yumsters! 2
Yumsters! 2

Yumsters are cute stretchy creatures mad about fruit and music. Not only are these Yumsters crazy for strawberries, they can rock the bongos. For the love of fruity music, help them earn money by cleaning gardens to promote their band. To really skyrocket, Yumsters need the best equipment to win the ultimate grand prize at the fairy town music showdown. Get fruitilicious in five vibrant locations of Yumsters 2, a sweet innovative Match 3 puzzler.

  • 64 Colorful Levels
  • 7 Musical Bonus Levels
  • Explosive Yumster Talents
  • Unique Puzzle and Music Gameplay
  • Vibrant Full-Screen Graphics

Requirements: compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS, the original iPhone, and iPod touch

Languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian
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