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Awaken your inner detective and step into a world of discovery with our hidden object games. Here you will find that evidence is waiting to be found and mysteries are eager to be solved. Whether you are looking for stories full of magic, hoping to solve crimes with famed detective Sherlock Holmes, or wanting to race nefarious pirates to buried treasure, we have free games for you!

Do you have what it takes to search through each mystery and find secrets in our many puzzle adventures? Download our free online hidden object games today and find out whether you are up to the challenge!

Beautiful hidden object scenes

Our best hidden object scenes are here for you! Explore unknown worlds full of magic and secrets. Step into your favorite classic fairy tales. Solve crimes and chase down murderers with detectives in New York City and Los Angeles. Each game is full of picturesque locations that will have you coming back for challenge after challenge!

Engaging characters and storylines

Meet new characters with unique stories. Spend time with familiar characters facing challenges in exciting new worlds. Each of our hidden picture games are filled with brain-teasing mystery and secrets in need of solving! Find clues, collect evidence, and hunt down buried treasure⎯all with exciting and charismatic characters!

Free game updates, including boosters and bonuses!

You can look forward to regular updates with new hidden object scenes, new mystery and secrets, and even free boosters and bonuses! Limited-time events are regularly added and are full of the best rewards just for you! Our bonuses, rewards, and regular updates add new fun and mystery to each game!

Find hidden objects anywhere

Our hidden object games are available on your favorite devices so you can play from the comfort of your home or on the go! Jump in at any time, whether you are online or offline, to solve mysteries and discover secrets!

Why hidden object games?

Hidden object games allow you to play your way through exciting stories. Here you will experience the excitement of becoming part of the adventure. Like a story come to life, you will unravel secret mysteries and solve crimes. The story’s progression depends on you!

What is a hidden object game?

Each puzzle contains a list of items you must search for as you play. Some items are easier to find than others, so be sure to look everywhere. You might even find that the process of carefully searching helps to sharpen your mind!

Play with friends and share your progress

Make the most of your gaming experience by playing your way. Choose to play solo, or join the G5 community and challenge online players around the world!

Download and play today!

Are you ready for a new adventure? It is time to search and find your way through puzzles and secrets! Mystery and fun are just a download away. Try our free hidden object games today!

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