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  • Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3

    Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3
    Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3 Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3
    Sherlock・Hidden Object・Match 3
  • Homicide Squad®: Hidden Objects

    Homicide Squad®: Hidden Objects
    Homicide Squad®: Hidden Objects
    Homicide Squad®: Hidden Objects
  • Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder

    Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder
    Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder
    Crime Mysteries® Hidden Murder
  • Hidden City®: Hidden Objects & Pictures

    Hidden City®: Hidden Objects & Pictures
    Hidden City®: Hidden Objects & Pictures
    Hidden City®: Hidden Objects & Pictures
  • The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects

    The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects
    The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects
    The Hidden Treasures: Find journey notes & objects
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What is a Hidden Object Game?

Hidden object games (HOGs) are a genre of casual puzzle video games (for PC or for Mobile) where players must find certain items that are hidden in pictures. Titles of this genre have become immensely popular in recent years, captivating gamers of all ages with their unique blend of fun puzzle-solving and immersive storytelling. These PC and Mobile puzzle games provide an engaging and challenging experience, requiring players to search beautifully crafted scenes for cleverly concealed objects. As technology has advanced, so too have the intricacy and complexity of these games, offering players a wide variety of themes and settings to explore, as well as game modes to hone their skills in. On this page, we will delve into the world of the best free hidden object games, exploring their appeal, gameplay mechanics, and evolution of this genre.

The story of the genre

Free hidden object games started to become popular mainly in the early 2000s when casual PC video games gained momentum. Their simple and intuitive puzzle gameplay mechanics made them accessible to a wide audience, attracting both experienced gamers and those new to gaming who wanted to try something new - just 4fun. The objective of these games is straightforward: players are presented with a cluttered scene filled with various objects, and their task is to seek specific items within a given time limit. The challenge lies in the meticulous attention to detail required to locate these objects, as they are often cleverly camouflaged or strategically placed to blend in seamlessly with the scene.

One of the defining features of hidden object games for mobile and PC is their ability to captivate players with immersive storytelling. These games often incorporate a narrative that unfolds as players progress through different puzzle levels or scenes, rewarding them with snippets of a larger story. This element adds depth and intrigue to gameplay, creating a sense of urgency and curiosity to uncover mysteries hidden within each scene. This combination of compelling storytelling and challenging puzzle gameplay makes HOGs a great genre for telling true detective stories, much like ones depicted in movies about New York or Los Angeles police exposing mystic cults or carrying out a tricky murder investigation.

Are Hidden Object Games good for the brain?

Despite what those strict teachers said back in school, games aren't just sources of fun. They are also effective tools in developing essential skill sets. So let's talk about free hidden object games and how they can help self-improvement. 

Firstly, hidden object games enhance cognitive abilities, including visual perception and recognition. When playing these games, people train their brains to quickly process visual information and identify specific items. This can improve visual acuity and attention span. As players become more adept at spotting hidden objects amidst distractions, their brain becomes more efficient at filtering unnecessary information and focusing on what truly matters.

Secondly, hidden object games contribute to memory improvement. While completing puzzle levels, players are constantly trying to remember where they've seen certain objects or clues before. This process of remembering and recalling information is an excellent exercise for working memory. This may prove beneficial during daily activities, such as remembering names, details, or important events.

Furthermore, these titles are usually filled with all sorts of mini-games and puzzles that hone problem-solving skills by offering challenges that require out-of-the-box thinking. 

Lastly, HOGs provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience, which can have positive effects on your mental well-being. By temporarily shifting focus away from everyday stresses and pressures, one can reduce anxiety and enhance their mood. 

In conclusion, hidden object games offer a myriad of benefits for your brain: from sharpening visual perception and boosting problem-solving to improving memory and mental well-being. So, next time you're looking for a way to exercise the brain and take a break from your daily routine at the same time, consider diving into a captivating world of hidden object games.

Why are most Hidden Object Games so Mysterious?

As soon as one starts playing a HOG, a world of mysterious puzzles and hidden treasures opens up. But what exactly makes hidden object games so mystifying?

One of the main reasons behind the mystery of hidden object games lies in their immersive storytelling. Whether it's a thrilling detective investigation or a fantastical adventure in a mystical realm, these games often present players with mysterious narratives. As players progress through the game, they uncover clues and piece together a puzzle, gradually unraveling the enigmas at hand. This engagement with the story creates a sense of intrigue and compels players to keep searching for hidden objects to reveal more secrets.

The visual aesthetics of hidden object games also contribute to their air of mystery. These games often depict beautifully crafted scenes filled with intricate details. From gloomy haunted houses to exotic ancient temples, all environments are meticulously designed to be visually striking and enigmatic. As players scan scenes, they become detectives themselves, searching for hidden objects cleverly disguised within the surroundings. The challenge of finding these objects amidst a visually captivating backdrop adds an extra layer of mystery and excitement.

Mechanics of Hidden Object Games

The key puzzle mechanics of hidden object games are identical throughout all the numerous titles available out there: the player is shown a highly detailed scene depicting dozens of different items and objects, amongst which they need to spot the required items. Here's where it gets interesting: there are different modes of supplying lists of required items, and there are different modes of locating these items.

The most simple item list is composed of text. Basically, players get an assortment of nouns like "Apple, Drum, Hairbrush, Telephone, Police Badge" and try to find these items in a picture. Harder variations include upside-down or mirrored text, as well as scrambled words, where letters are out of place or simply missing. For instance, the word "Apple" can be shown as "elppA", "Lapep" or even "A__le". Another popular way to list items is by showing their silhouettes instead of spelling out what these items actually are.

Moving on to the mechanics of searching and finding items. Once players identify what they're looking for, they simply start scanning an image (also called a scene) and seek items. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg: at higher levels, where the difficulty is harder, they may find themselves looking for objects in a dark room aided only by the light of a match or trying to collect items in an icy room, where each object needs to be thawed before they can collect it. These search modes add a lot of challenge to general hidden object gameplay and provide players with tons of variation.

Main rules of Hidden Object Games

Rules of hidden object games on PC and mobile may vary slightly from title to title, but here's a list of the most common ones on the market today:

  • In order to advance the story and progress in the game in general, players need to successfully explore scenes
  • A scene is considered successfully explored if a player finds all required items before the level timer runs out
  • Players find required items by clicking or tapping on them
  • Clicking or tapping on an item that is not required is considered a mistake, and it usually deducts some seconds from the level timer
  • If a player cannot locate all required items before the timer runs out, this is considered a defeat, and they need to try to explore the same location once again to move the story forward

Now, many titles offer various ways of diversifying gameplay, like mini-games, shorter (or longer) time limits, additional puzzles to access levels, and so on. However, the core of HOGs remains the same, as described above.


List of Popular Hidden Object Games


The first hidden object game name is Sherlock. Help renowned detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Dr. Watson solve cases of sudden and mysterious changes in classical literature. Start an adventure on pages of well-known books to stop your nemesis' evil plans and save both the fictional and real worlds!

Download and install free full version from G5 Store or play in browser

Homicide Squad

The second hidden object game name is Homicide Squad. In this app, you’re assisting two New York detectives in solving perplexing murder mystery cases. Seek for clues, interrogate suspects, analyze evidence, and lock criminals behind bars where they belong. Big Apple inhabitants are counting on you, don’t let them down! 

Download and install free full version from G5 Store or play in browser

Crime Mysteries

The third hidden object game name is Homicide Squad. Despite its name, the City of Angels has a dark and disturbing criminal side. Restore law and order in the West Coast jewel as you search for clues in iconic locations, unravel mystery cases by following an immersive story, and bust snarky criminals who thought they outsmarted everyone.

Download and install free full version from G5 Store or play in browser

Hidden city: Hidden object adventure

The fourth hidden object game name is Hidden City. Take on the role of a detective trying to save their partner who got dragged into a parallel universe by some mystical power. Threading your way through an unknown ethereal city and cracking one puzzle after another, you discover that there's more to this place than meets the eye. Maybe it was fate, and you've got a much taller order than just saving a partner. This is a real page-turner detective shaped as a fun adventure game.

Download and install free full version from G5 Store or play in browser

The Hidden Treasures

The fifth hidden object game from G5 is called Hidden Treasures. This one takes place in the Caribbean - a picturesque and sunny region inhabited by cutthroat pirates, flamboyant characters, and charming animals. Chart a way through rough and dangerous waters to solve Captain Aimee's mystery and find real hidden treasures!

Download and install free full version from G5 Store or play in browser

The Secret Society

The sixth hidden object game from G5 is called Secret Society. A dear uncle of yours has suddenly gone missing under mysterious circumstances. As you start an investigation, you find out he's been part of the Secret Society, a group of people who know how to travel between magical worlds! It also turns out that you have that rare gift, too. Go on an amazing, story-rich adventure and find a lost relative!

Download and install free full version from G5 Store

Hidden Epee

The seventh hidden object game from G5 is called Hidden Epee. Travel to France during the Age of Enlightenment and try to find a Silver Epee, a powerful magic artifact that will help you save life itself. Meet lively characters, unravel mysteries, and even travel to the Other World ruled by ghastly creatures. If you dare… 

Download and install free full version from G5 Store

The Paranormal Society

The eighth hidden object game from G5 is called Paranormal Society. You get to travel back in time to Victorian England and experience an adventure of a lifetime. For some reason, a spirit world, populated by phantoms, starts to break through to our real world. Authorities deny everything, but in secret, they ask a clandestine group called Paranormal Society to investigate these mysterious events.

Download and install free full version from G5 Store

Twin Moons

The tenth hidden object game from G5 is called Twin Moons. This story starts with your father, an inventor of portal technology, going missing. In search of him, you travel to Halfword, an unusual place where countless universes intersect, an otherworldly crossroads of sorts. Look for hidden objects, interact with larger-than-life characters, and solve mysteries that defy time and space as you search for your dad.

Download and install free full version from G5 Store

Mystery of the Opera

The eleventh hidden object game from G5 is called Mystery of the Opera. Take a journey through renowned and celebrated operas like Madame Butterfly, The Marriage of Figaro, and La Traviata to look for clues that would explain the disappearance of your cousin Edward. Enjoy over 1800 quests, assemble more than 300 beautiful collections, and explore 24 unique operas!

Download and install free full version from G5 Store

Letters from Nowhere

The twelfth hidden object game from G5 is called Letters from Nowhere. After being summoned by your grandfather to Hazewich, a town where you grew up, you end up in a strange place. It looks remotely like a town you remember, but there are street-roaming demons, witches all around, and citizens have all fallen silent. Solve mysteries of the family's past and save Hazewich while there's still time!

Download and install free full version from G5 Store


Hidden Object Games for:

Access Mode

Players can enjoy unlimited fun in their favorite hidden object games with no registration and even without a reliable internet connection. They simply download and install the free game on their computer or mobile from any app store. Their progress will be saved on their device and sync with cloud services when Wi-Fi becomes available.

Alternatively, players can experience the thrill of detective gameplay directly in their browser. To do this, they need to visit the official website of G5, choose a desired title, and click PLAY. In this case, there is no download needed, but they will require a good connection to play for free online. 

Types of access

  • Online
  • Offline

How to Play

To play hidden object games from G5, launch the title of your choice on a device after installation or access it for free from G5's official website via a web browser.

How to Install

To install the puzzle game of your choice, click the link of your preferred app store and follow the instructions displayed on the full screen.


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