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February 27, 2015

FREE Update on Mac! The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery

Join the mysterious Order of Seekers and explore numerous enchanting worlds in the FREE update of your favorite game, The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery! Version 1.12.5 is available on Mac AppStore and waiting for YOU! Check it out right now and share your screenshots with us!

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February 26, 2015

Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds on Windows Phone with 40% off!

Try your hand at investigating a crime, crack the case and catch the criminal in this perplexing hidden-object game! Help detectives to solve a scandalous case quickly, to find the criminal and to unveil the secrets and deceptions of those involved! Dive into Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds and become a New York City detective pursuing justice. Hurry up! Offer valid through February 28!

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February 25, 2015

Nightmares from the Deep™: Davy Jones, Collector's Edition is now in FULL version on Mac!

Is Davy Jones as evil as legend makes him out to be? Or is he himself the sad victim of circumstances? Find out for yourself in the heart-pounding odyssey of Nightmares from the Deep™: Davy Jones, Collector's Edition on Mac. Now in Full version! 68 diverse and majestic locations to explore, 29 addictive mini-games to master, 32 achievements to unlock and more!

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February 20, 2015

Virtual City® is now in FULL version on Windows Phone Store!

Virtual City® is now available as a full app on Windows Phone Store! Build the city of your dreams, with beautiful homes and industrial buildings. Produce goods and deliver them to shopping malls. Set up a mass-transit system to take your citizens to places like parks, cinemas and stadiums. Make your city the best place to live!

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February 18, 2015

FREE update of Virtual City Playground®: Building Tycoon for iPhone

Hey g5gamers! Get ready to treat your eyes with a new and extremely bright interface in this FREE update of Virtual City Playground®: Building Tycoon for iPhone. This update will keep you busy building your dream city, watching your happy citizens, building an iconic HOLLYWOOD studio and much more! Start now and then share a screenshot of your prosperous dream city with g5games and g5fans. 
February 16, 2015

Giveaway of Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden!

Put on your oxygen mask and dive into the endlessly enthralling sea adventure Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden for absolutely FREE on iPad, iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire and Mac! Descend to the gloomy depths of the ocean, investigate the sunken city of Eden and save a missing diver from eerie sea monsters! Don’t miss out as this deal ends February 22nd!

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February 12, 2015

New heart-pounding adventure Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey!

Fight your biggest fears in this NEW heart-pounding adventure, Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey! Alice Dahl is bogged down in her mundane job. Then, one day she has a terrible car crash. When Alice awakens, she finds herself in a hospital … or so she thinks. Help Alice defeat her inner demons, escape this mysterious place between life and death and find her way back home in this incredible hidden object puzzle adventure!

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February 11, 2015

FREE update of your favorite The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery!

Deep into the Society of all Secret Keepers with our FREE update of your favorite The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery to continue the endless adventures and continue this unbelievable quest! The fresh version 1.12.5 is available FREE on Windows Store and waiting for YOU! Check it out today!

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February 09, 2015

Valentine’s Day SALE on ALL platforms! 

To celebrate the month of love, G5 is prepared to make you swoon! Enjoy 80% off on six of our most gripping romantic adventures: Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures, Spirit of Wandering - The Legend, Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story, Mystery of the Opera, Romance of Rome and Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch. Help lovers reunite, escape danger and overcome obstacles for as low as 99¢ each!

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February 06, 2015

Virtual City® 2: Paradise Resort is now on Windows Phone with 40% OFF!

Get Virtual City® 2: Paradise Resort on Windows Phone with 40% OFF through February 6!
Expand your activities to the shining coast of Florida, snowy lands of Alaska, rocky mountains of Utah and arid tundras of Nevada.

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February 04, 2015

Exciting Kindle Fire SALE! Up To 50% OFF!

Download 13 top G5 games for as low as 99¢ each! In-App Purchase sale in Letters From Nowhere™: A Hidden Object Mystery and The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery! We're running this exciting SALE on Kindle Fire for ten days only - today through February 13th. Load up on challenging puzzles, hidden object adventures, city-building simulators and highly addictive time management games with this sweet February deal!

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February 03, 2015

FREE Update! Virtual City Playground®: Building Tycoon

This new free update of your favorite city-builder will keep you busy building your dream city for weeks!
NEW BETTER INTERFACE - Treat your eyes with beautiful HD interface.
SEE YOUR CITIZENS IN THEIR DAILY LIFE - Watch your happy citizens wander around their growing city, taking selfies and enjoying the outdoors.
BUILD AN ICONIC HOLLYWOOD STUDIO - Add a new entertainment building to help the industry boom.
BUILD A NEW TYPE OF HOUSES FOR YOUR CITIZENS - Construct row houses for your citizens.
50+ NEW QUESTS - Over 50 uplifting new quests to captivate your imagination and keep you busy for weeks.

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February 02, 2015

Play Build It! Miami Beach Resort absolutely FREE!

Feeling cooped up this winter? Take your design and construction skills to the beach! Starting today through February 8th, download the engaging strategy and city-building game Build It! Miami Beach Resort for FREE on iPhone, iPad, Google Play and Kindle Fire! Start with simple bungalows on sandy shores and keep building until you have a vibrant cosmopolitan boomtown!

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