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Looking for the best new games for iOS that you can play for free? You’ve come to the right place! It’s time for you to discover why iPhone users around the world love all our free iOS apps and can’t stop playing every game on our mobile roster. G5 Games is the best iOS gaming platform – a great home for all your gaming needs, whether you’re looking to challenge yourself with new brain-teasing puzzles or just have a fun and relaxed day with your mobile apps.

All the Best iOS App Features, Free and Optimized for Your iPhone Screen

iPhones are great little mobile machines. You have the world at your fingertips; with just a touch on your screen you are free to do everything from a full day’s work from home to creating a new piece of art. iPhone apps can also be the best source of fun times and the prime example of that, of course, are mobile games.

G5 Games is the world’s best new platform for free iPhone games. Why? Because we have spent a lot of time and work building a great variety of gaming apps to fulfill the needs of even the most selective mobile gamers. The quality, playability, and fun of our free mobile games is undeniable and it doesn’t take an iOS app expert to figure it out. Just check out our reviews! Players from all over the world love everything we have to offer and they’re not afraid to say we are the best when it comes to gaming.

G5 apps have the best gaming content for iOS because:

 - Our games are new and free to play.

 - They are built with mobile gamers in mind. Great quality of graphics, on a screen that fits the whole world in your pocket.

 - We offer fun new puzzles galore. We know iPhone users love that match-3 action, so we made sure there’s tons of the best free puzzles to choose from.

 - Our iOS apps are chock-full of good new content. Every mobile game that we publish comes packed with a series of features that will keep you playing time and time again for free, without a hint of boredom in sight.

 - You can take and play them anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re chilling at home or on your day’s commute to work, our iOS games are inherently mobile – easy to drop in and out of without losing your progress.

The Best Series of Free Gaming Apps, All in One Fun Place

Mobile games have earned a reputation across the world for being free and easy apps to play but lacking in quality. Such is not the case at G5 Games. Not only do we offer fun iPhone games – we create and publish GOOD iPhone games that can compete with any of the newest and best-rated mobile gaming apps on the App Store, any day, any time. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the features on some of the free games you can play, right now, on your iOS screen from anywhere in the world:

 - Mahjong Journey, Emperor of Mahjong, and more – Test your mahjong skills as you become a master of this classic game across many of the world’s most exciting locations and eras.

 - Jewels of Rome, Jewels of Egypt, and more – Indulge in your love of puzzles as you match shiny gems across different times in history.

 - Homicide Squad and Crime Mysteries – Dust off your reasoning and deductive skills as you team up with clever detectives to rid the world of crime.

 - The Hidden Treasures, Pirates and Pearls – Try out your best pirate impression as you sail the high seas with swashbuckling buccaneers.

 - Supermarket Mania – Have some supermarket-themed fun times in this exciting new puzzle series.

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